Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Despite having one of the world’s most technologically advanced healthcare systems, in the U.S., rates of chronic diseases are rising dramatically.

Did you know:

  • One American dies of heart disease every 37 seconds.*
  • Diabetes rates rose 50 percent in the last 30 years and are expected to double again by 2050.*
  • 34 percent of Americans, or one in every three Americans, meet the medical criteria for obesity.*

It is common for people who are diagnosed with a health issue to not fully understand their condition or treatment. Unfortunately, few realize they can potentially minimize the disabling effects of their disorder, or delay its progression through every day choices they make.

A doctor may tell a patient to eat less sugar or to increase exercise, and then follow up with them in a few months. However, doctors rarely tell patients exactly how to execute a plan. Most primary care physicians are focused on diagnosis and treatment, and have to devote their time to a variety of other medical issues. In addition, even if a physician has the time to give lifestyle advice to each patient, they rarely have specialized training in areas such as nutrition or exercise science, making it difficult for them to give specific recommendations.

This is where Health Coaching comes in.

A Health Coach works with clients through a structured partnership to effectively motivate and support health behavior change. Health coaching works in a similar way to a personal trainer or nutritionist, except the focus is on the individual’s whole health, meaning, anything that affects an individual’s well-being. Similar to cognitive therapy, coach and client will discuss ideas and issues to work toward a variety of health goals. This may include weight loss, stress reduction, managing chronic conditions, adjusting to a new life event, or improving diet, exercise or sleep habits.

Many doctors believe health coaching should be an integral part of primary health care because it helps patients to better manage chronic conditions and improve outcomes over time. Health Coaches supplement and support doctors whose time with each patient is limited. They offer patients the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence they need to participate in their own self-care and well-being.

At Map 2 Wellness, we put you in the driver’s seat to create goals as well as strategies to bridge the gap between medical advice and the desire for a healthier lifestyle. We want to help you improve, and even excel, at living your best life.

*Source: Duke Integrative Medicine, 2020