Born in Uzbekistan, Irina is a 5′ 3″ powerhouse who believes in training hard to achieve results. As a teenager, Irina struggled with her weight. She tried every which way to lose it, but never seemed to combat it effectively. It wasn’t until she entered college that she discovered the importance of healthy eating. She realized that all the work she did in the gym would not pay off until she fed her body properly. Once she implemented an appropriate exercise routine with proper nutrition, she said her body changed quickly, becoming strong, lean, and healthy.

It was through this experience that she realized she wanted to help others who struggle with their weight, and she now happily accepts the challenge of training individuals who are overweight or even obese. She enjoys creating strenuous programs that foster weight management, and believes that by training your body efficiently, you will continue to burn calories long after your workout. This method produces noticeable changes in one’s body and helps clients reach their fitness goals more quickly.

In addition to weight management training, her specialties include:

  • Rehabilitation from injuries
  • Endocrine / metabolic disorders
  • Working with children and adults with special needs or disabilities

Irina’s devotion to fitness, positive energy, and compassion for those with physical challenges has made her an undeniable force as a Map 2 Fitness Trainer.