Nutritionist, Integrative Health Coach

Certified by Duke Integrative Medicine

“I have devoted my career to those who want to improve their health…

Leading a healthy lifestyle has always been my priority, and helping others live the same way has become my calling. No other “job” could be as satisfying to me as introducing someone to a healthier lifestyle.

In the last 15 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of individuals of all different ages, sizes and lifestyles.  This experience has made me realize that whether we are parents, professionals, or even celebrities, we each have our own set of challenges, but one common desire – to improve our health.

It’s important to look and feel our best in this life, but we all face obstacles that prevent us from living as fully and healthfully as we would like.

I can help you work through the challenges and remove the roadblocks. I can teach you how to eat healthfully without dieting, to implement exercise effectively and create more balance in your life.

I can help you become a better version of yourself!


“I was an on-and-off dieter for many years, always having to try the latest and greatest fad diet out there.? I could never understand why it was so hard to keep the weight off when I was eating so little calories.? When Maryann told me to start eating more throughout the day and not count calories, I questioned her approach.? I?ve followed her ?road map? now for over a year and I?ve happily kept the weight off without feeling deprived.”


“In the last five years I?ve worked with Maryann, I?ve learned there is no ?quick fix? for weight loss; there will always be ?life interruptions? which can bring periods of stress.? Maryann has coached me through many difficult times and made sure I didn?t fall hostage to neglecting my health.? I am truly grateful for having her counsel when I need it most.”


“Maryann has taught me how to replace bad choices with good ones, and how small changes can yield big results.? Her calm, encouraging demeanor is balanced with a no-nonsense approach.”