Health Coaching

When you meet with a M2W Health Coach, each and every area of your lifestyle is addressed to identify roadblocks that may prevent you from staying healthy, both physically and mentally.

Through one-on-one sessions, our clients are given healthy lifestyle strategies through a small steps approach.  We work closely with each client to create realistic goals depending on their lifestyle and needs.  Some of the areas we address include mindful eating, appropriate types of physical activity, managing stress in a healthy way, and how to achieve a work/life balance.  Holistic health and wellness counseling provides the support one needs to improve their lifestyle and gain long term health benefits.

Nutrition Counseling

Whether you want to lose weight, optimize your fitness regimen, or just become more knowledgeable about nutrition, an M2W Nutrition Counselor will teach you how to eat in a balanced and healthy way without going on a diet.

 The goal is for you to enjoy food without deprivation and make smart food choices even in challenging environments.  We don?t endorse cutting out essential nutrients, counting calories or watching the scale; instead we teach you how to enjoy eating healthfully all the time!

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is a great complement to resistance and cardio exercise training, allowing the body to stretch effectively and prevent common injuries.  Whether you want to become more flexible, strengthen and tone without impact on the joints, or engage in a mind-body practice to manage stress, there are many benefits to practicing yoga.  Our experienced instructors will work with you in a private or semi-private session so the format can be tailored to your needs.

Meditation is often incorporated into yoga sessions or can be scheduled as a separate class.  Even though meditation has become more mainstream in recent years, it is still a challenging practice to adopt and learn effectively. Quieting the mind? has become more necessary with so many of us connected to the digital world.  Our dependency on devices can leave us overworked and overly stimulated, which often leads to higher stress levels.  Our meditation instructor can help you learn and develop this rediscovered practice so you can calm your mind anytime.

Customized Fitness

Our dynamic fitness trainers are seasoned professionals who will prescribe an exercise program according to your fitness level and goals. Each trainer holds a nationally recognized certification and is required to maintain continuing education credits on an ongoing basis.

After an initial fitness evaluation, the M2F trainer will discuss your fitness goals and create an exercise program for both one-on-one and maintenance sessions the client can do on his or her own.  Our programs are designed to be effective but enjoyable, with the goal of building long-term retention so physical activity becomes part of your lifestyle.